In The Year 2013 I started “Brent Zen” Recordings:

I am having fun with my Home Studio Recording – I started with my “Journals from the Southern Cross” Reflections of a time long ago when I spent a lot of time in Bolivia listening to the Folk music from the Andes Mountain regions From Chakaltaya Mountain down to the Mines of Potosi – I have started on my next Chapter “The Joys of Life” Many years of my life in the Sierra Nevada Mountain regions in Northern California. I Released my First CD in 2013 The Album “Dark Days of Adit”

Brent on Bongos

Bragging rights:
Musical Tours throughout the US, Canada and the IRON curtain, Worked with Marty Paich and Pat Boone

The Musician:
My Instruments include: Trumpet, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, E-Bass, Keyboards Piano and Midi Instruments, Steel Guitar, Ukulele, Charango, Panpipes (Zampoñas, Zankas) Bamboo Flute Pin-quenas, Harmonica, Bongo, Xaphoon, Panflute.

So – Subscribe to a musical journey as I piece together songs from my Home Recording Studio and share my tips and tricks along the way. A reflective compilation of songs and sounds. I hope you will comeback often, relax and enjoy the music.

Donate and Join The Brent Zen Nation as I prepare my 1st of four Albums “BZ Revolution I”
This Album is a Tribute to a Golden era of Music from 1936 to 1976 an era unlike any other in the history of music!
BZ Revolution I – is a tribute inspired by select #1 Hits from 1936 to 1946. Thank you.

 Sample The Sound :